We have teamed up with VoIP Innovation, a comprehensive nation wide voice carrier, to provide voice services to our customers. We tested several VoIP providers and after a thorough evaluation, their call quality, customer service, and pricing won out over all of the rest. Their technical service is around-the-clock. New telephone numbers and service options can be added within minutes and at a moment’s notice.


There has always been a measure of confusion regarding the cloud, and how it relates to business in the modern world. The simplest way to put it, is that instead of housing a customer's phone system within their office, where power outage, internet outage, and every day factors can interfere, we install it in a data center. All of our systems our stored in a location with redundant internet service and redundant power. This provides increased reliability, easier management, and access to and from multiple locations. This gives multiple office the ability to stay connect as one large entity, busy signal are a thing of the past. When your office has lost power or internet service, at the very least, will get either an auto-attendant or your voicemail service.


The service comes standard with the following and much more:

Call Waiting: Your incoming and outgoing calls will only be limited by the number that your extension can handle

Call Forwarding: This can be set to automatically roll to your cell phone or home phone

Call Conferencing: This feature is handled through the 5 party feature on the phone itself or through an unlimited and dedicated conference line for the entire company

Call Transferring: Calls can be transferred other internal extensions, as well as to cell phones or other business numbers unrelated to your system or account

Voicemail: Each individual extension will have a dedicated voicemail box outside of the general voicemail box for the entire office


More Features

Voicemail to Email: An audio attachment is emailed to you along with information about the call, and can be accessed and listened to on a computer or a smartphone

Multilevel Auto-Attendant: You can create flexible phone menus for the whole company

Remote Extensions: You can have a phone at home or at another office and it will operate as if it is on-sight and at your business

Busy Lamp Field: This feature gives the ability to see if other extensions are on the phone

Call Recording: Call recordings can be access, downloaded, and listened to through a user friendly web portal

Call Queuing: This allows a small offices to field more calls than they would normally be able to by keeping the incoming caller on hold until a representative is ready


Although there are hundreds of VoIP phones that are compatible with our system, we have vetted and tested the models in our online store. All models available are designed to deliver high definition audio. With all of the features coming from the phone system itself, the only items you need to consider when choosing a phone are the look, the screen size, and the number of programmable keys. Also keep in mind that you can mix and match between make and model.



Our service comes standard with e-fax as well as text messaging. Whether you want to ditch the old way of sending and receiving faxes or you want the ability to communicate in a 21st century way, with your customer, our system is setup and designed with this in mind.


Our customers can receive the included support by calling our office or submitting a service ticket. Our advanced ticketing system can be accessed by email any support requests to Once the email is sent, a  support ticket is automatically created, accessible by all of our technicians, and is used throughout the service request process for all updates and communications between the customer and the support representative. 

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VoIP Support

At Rapid Wire Communications we strive to provide quality service to all of our customers. VoIP phones utilize computer software, networking technology, and data cabling. This fact often blurs the lines between phone support and IT support. To provide the best customer service possible, here is a list of what support is covered under your monthly service subscription:

* Unlimited programming and routing changes on the phone system
* Unlimited reprogramming of physical phones, extension settings, and programmable keys
* Unlimited replacement of phones under the standard 1-year warranty
* Unlimited core provider changes such as call forwarding, text messaging, and E-fax
* Troubleshooting of call quality issues
* Troubleshooting of network connectivity of phones
* Troubleshooting of features and routing issues

IT Support

Given the nature of VoIP phone service and how it utilizes an office's internet and networking infrastructure, issues generally manifest themselves first in the quality of or lack of phone service. We are always ready and willing to help even if it is outside of the included VoIP service support. Our standard IT support pricing is $100 an hour with a $40 trip charge. Remote support is also provided and is billed in 15-minute increments. Here is a list of support items that are covered under our IT services:

* Internet troubleshooting and repair
* Repair coordination with an internet service provider
* Office firewall configuring, managing, and troubleshooting
* Network switch configuring, managing, and troubleshooting
* Wireless access point configuring, managing, and troubleshooting
* Computer software and hardware related issues
* Internal wiring installation, repair, or troubleshooting
* Analog line troubleshooting or repair
* Troubleshooting of power issues to networking or internet equipment